Ford Wireless Charging Powerbank

Wireless Charging of the Mobile phone Battery without Cables and Complications – this is what The Wireless charging power Bank from the Ford Basic Collection makes. The necessary Technology is usually already installed in the mobile Phones of the latest Generation. Owners of older Models can connect the Phone or other electronic Devices to a micro USB Cable or cable from THE TYP USB C for charging.The Power Bank is equipped with an On-/switch and an LED charging stand display. When successfully loaded, the Wireless charging Indication light lights up green And the red Power indication light Goes out. The Charging Station is made of white ABS plastic. Included is a Polymer Battery (A-class). The Capacity is very high at 8000 mAh.

Integrated into the Model are deep unloading and Overloading protection, overheating, surge and Short-circuit protection. The matching USB cable is included.

Other Features:

2 Coils (1x Power Intake and 1x Power output)
 A Capacity of 8000 mAh
 Entry Current: DC5V/2.0A
 Outtial Current (via Cable): DC5V/2.1A
 Output and Entrance electricity (wireless): DC5V/1.0A


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